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Tips on How to Minimize and Reverse Sun Damage


The skin is the largest organ on the body and it is a barrier that protects us from the elements and shields us from the sun. As we age, the skin changes and it droops and develops wrinkles. However, if you follow some simple guidelines below, you will be able to repair and reverse the signs of skin ageing caused by sun rays. First, use sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher. If you are to have radiant and youthful looking-skin, sunscreen is one of the best options. If you use the sunscreen on a daily basis, you are going to lower the risk of skin cancer. You will also allow enough time for the skin to heal and your immune system is going to have time to repair damages.


The skin can have buildup out of dead skin and this will make the skin look blotchy and uneven. The remnants when you self-tan especially over the areas that are typically dry will make the skin lose its luster. This is why you must exfoliate with scrubs and loofahs which are going to remove the dead skin cells which will leave the skin looking smoother. You may visit website for more facts.


You can also bleach brown spots using skin lighteners. Usually, skin lighteners do not just make the skin white but will remove the color that is unwanted. There are over the counter products that you can get that will get rid of the brown spots blotchy brown discoloration. During the summer days, the salty water and chlorine is going to dry out your skin. There are hand and body creams you can use to moisturize the skin. Facial serums that contain hyaluronic acid are going to get the skin looking lesser wrinkled. If you use these serums often, the skin will be stimulated to produce collagen and it will end up looking younger.


You can also use LEDs that help to boost produce collagen and reduce fine lines. Visit a professional newport beach dermatology dermatologist that will help you with laser treatments. Blotchiness and discoloration are going to be improved a great deal after several of the treatments. Lastly, in your daily beauty regimen, ensure that you brighten your skin tone by adding antioxidants. These will help fight against free radicals that cause sun damage to the healthy cells.  Antioxidants also work to speed up the cellular repair which improved the general appearance of the skin.